Making Mobile AI Sweet As PIE

CoCoPIE offers world-leading real-time AI capability on off-the-shelf mobile devices through proprietary Deep Learning compression-compilation co-design.

Real time video resolution upscaling

Key Features

  • Best enabler of real-time AI on mobile devices

  • Defy the necessity of special chips for mobile AI

  • Offer the fastest DNN pruning and acceleration

  • Support a broad range of DNNs

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CoCoPIE’s technology can immediately enable real-time deep learning on billions of existing mobile devices, thus generating tremendous commercial values. 

streaming applications

Applications like TikTok can stream low-resolution videos to user devices, and CoCoPIE can upscale the videos to high-definition in real time.

communication applications

Applications such as Zoom, Skype, and Webex, can utilize CoCoPIE’s technology to deliver the best quality of service.

 real-time artistic styling

CoCoPIE unlocks real-time deep learning applications that have never been possible before, such as enabling a mobile phone camera to show live videos in an artistic style.

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